Thursday, August 09, 2007

Discussions and Desserts

We'd eaten dinner. We were having apple pie for dessert. H and I were reading sections of the paper. J was playing with his food and not really eating it. Jazzy and Jiver, the kitties, were scrounging under the table. All a normal evening. And then ...

J: (singing) Three blind mice! Three blind mice!

T: This ad really irks me.

H: (referring to a help wanted ad we saw last night) Why? Does it have a prostitute in it?

T: No. But listen to this:

"Cherished traditions and simle pleasures! $585,000
Over 2700 sf of ... "

H: SIMPLE pleasures?!?!?!

T: Oh, you got that, did you? Was it the $585,000 or the 2700 square feet that got you?

J: Three blind ... uh-oh ... J dropped apple pie on Jazzy!

1 comment:

Nezbitt said...

Tell me about it! I paid $95,000 for my 630-ish sq. ft. condo in March of 2006. The identical one right next door has been up for sale, Morgan looked it up: they're asking $212,000.

Isn't that crazy?!?!?!