Monday, August 27, 2007

Camera shopping

Lazy salespeople bug me. I swear, the woman was standing about 4 feet away, doing absolutely nothing. She was pointedly eavesdropping on our conversation, noticing that we were serious shoppers, and observing that we were having trouble with floor models that were not working. And she didn't even say "May I help you?" She deserved what she got. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

H: I think this camera looks good.
T: Me too.
H: Good price, huh?
T: I think so.
H: Should we get it?
T: No.
H: No?
T: (loudly while staring at lazy salesgirl) I refuse to buy a camera from a place where no salesperson comes to ask if we need help! Look at her, just standing there staring at us! Listening to us talking about how the batteries in the display models are dead so we can't see how they work, and doing absolutely nothing! And we're the only people in here! What is wrong with her?! You know, we're friends with the manager. I'm gonna go call him right now, so I can tell him that she's a great big ...
H: Uhhhh ... We should go.


No camera case requires weatherproofing that badly.

H: Look at this camera case!
T: Well, it's nice. But ...
H: It has a raincover!
T: Uh huh.
H: Check it out! See? It has a raincover!
T: It's $500.
H: Yeah. But it has a raincover!


So many modes, so little time.

H: Interesting. This camera has a "Food" mode.
T: Quick! Throw it at the food court! Maybe it'll fetch us a snack!
H: No. It's for taking pictures of food.
T: If it doesn't make me dinner, I don't want it.


Eventually, we found a suitable store. We bought a new digital camera. It's nice. It has a case. The case has a raincover. The case was not $500. Because we are not crazy.


Yes, Holly, I see the irony. We have a camera, and absolutely no time to upload pictures, burn CD's, or send an email. Cry me a river.


Holly A said...

Hee hee - you're posting for me now. I'm happy to see that I'm a good influence! :-)

Congrats on the new camera! What kind did you get? I totally agree that you should expect proper service in a camera store. If the staff there are not the kind of people who are passionate about cameras and willling to share their expertise with customers, they shouldn't be working there. Do you really know the manager?

Have fun with the new cameara. And hey, if you really want to, you can still take pictures of your food without a food mode! :-)

Good luck studying, Trish.

Liz said...


And THAT is why we get along so well.