Sunday, March 08, 2009

This post has absolutely nothing to do with auditing ...

... and isn't that a relief!


Okay. One of these days, I'll be getting to the "google search post". 'Cause there are definitely some good ones I can put up here now. But for the moment, when I'm short on time, I'm just going to comment on a particular search anomaly.

People keep coming here looking for words that rhyme with other words. It's an all-too-common search, invariably landing an unfortunate searcher on this post about potty training. What a disappointment!

Though there have been several very interesting searches of this type, the most common appears to be for "words that rhyme with connection". Which makes perfect sense. Now, I could spend time thinking about it and posting all the words I can think of to help you out (convection, inflection, correction, protection, the list goes on). But I think what you're really looking for is probably just a rhyming dictionary.

So ... yeah. You're welcome!


FoN said...

One of these days I need to figure out how to hook up with that google search thing. I can only imagine what people were trying to get to when they come my way. Fat drunk people maybe?

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks! Now my search is over, Rover, so I'm rolling in the clover.