Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Evening Oddities

Wandered into an HMV tonight. Looked at the discount movie rack. This little exchange resulted.

T: So I see that "Footloose" is $15, but if I buy "Footloose" and "Flashdance" together, I get both movies for $10. What's that about? You can't give "Flashdance" away? You have to pay me to take it?

Record Store Guys: Yeah. We'll give you a deal on "Footloose" if you just pleeeeeeez take "Flashdance" too?

T: Yeah. See, five bucks ain't enough.


J still doesn't eat enough. But he does enjoy certain junk foods ... chips, chocolate, hotdogs, donuts ... that kind of thing. He doesn't eat much of these foods either. At least empty calories can't really hurt him at this stage. All caloric intake is kinda good at this point. Whatever.

J: Panda wants a donut. And I want a donut too!
H: Ok. We'll get you a donut soon.

(A short while later)

J: Can we go to McDonald's?
H: I thought you wanted a donut.
J: (incredulously) A donut?!
H: Yes. Don't you want a donut anymore?
J: No. Can we go to McDonald's?
H: Well, I suppose ...
J: (singing) I want a donut. I want a donut. I want a donut, at McDonald's.


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