Friday, July 04, 2008

Anger Management

J has been having more and more tantrums. Openly violent tantrums. We don't know quite what we're supposed to do about it.

Last night, J threw a handful of rocks at me, just before he started punching and kicking me.

Tonight, J punched H several times.

I love my son. But I do not like this behaviour. We can't come up with a suitable punishment for him - nothing we try works. These are just the highlights of the past couple of days. J has done more than just those things ... but I can't get into all of it here. I wish he'd stop. But he won't.

Currently, J is asleep in his bed. N is half asleep in his swing. H is out with a friend. And I am trying not to cry. I'm not sure if I'm saddened by J's behaviour, or if I'm just angry. I'm definitely angry, though.

I need chocolate. Chocolate and ice cream. Deep fried. With whipped cream and sprinkles. And vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

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Wyrd's Little sister said...

Anger management for kids is so hard. My little sister used to bite (she also bit her dentist, but that i can understand...) but she did eventually realise that there were better ways of dealing with situations.

I hope J realises the same soon!