Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And then, the elephant boy was eaten by a dragon, and peace reigned throughout the land. At least, until the crows came ...

Puff the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And caught up on the other one
In the lands of Connor Lee.

Now. Have a 4-year old sing that 428,686,297,886 times in a row at top volume while a baby shrieks inconsollably and you and your spouse try to have a serious discussion about the meaning of life, and you'll be roughly where I am now.

Also: You should totally take the 4-year old with you to the vet's office to buy cat food. It's fun. Trust me. It goes something like this:

J: I want this octopus! This big blue octopus! The octopus! I want the octopus!! I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT ... !!!!

Eventually, our kind receptionist-type friend gave J a shrimp-shaped cat toy as a compromise, just to make him stop flipping out. A very pissed-off looking J left the vet's office, shrimp in hand. Other people commented that he was very cute. H offered to sell him, but there were no takers. I can't imagine why.


As an aside, in J's bedtime story this evening, a large, long-legged white bird delivered a baby elephant to Mrs. Jumbo. Now, what do we call that large, long-legged white bird again? Well, according to J, that bird is called a crow. And honestly, hearing that the baby elephant was delivered by a mutant albino crow really changes the feel of "Dumbo" for some reason. But I don't know why.


And on that note, when H and I were teasing J this evening and telling him that he was actually an elephant, he argued with tremendous force and perfect tone.

J: I am not an animal! I am ... a person!!

Oooh; he almost had it.


Captain Dumbass said...

This all sounds very familiar.

Aneesh said...

hi friend,
i saw your comment regarding the top commentator widget.If it didnt work for you then it means that you didnt fill in the widget installer properly.

you might probably have filled the widget installer with http://lovemyjared.blogspot.com/ instead of http://lovemyjared.blogspot.com

you shouldnt put the trailing slash. The installer automatically does that for you..

sorry for th very late reply. i get lots of comments everday .. thats y.. :(


Momma Trish said...

Hi Aneesh.

I tried your suggested solution. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. Wish it did, but it doesn't.