Thursday, June 19, 2008

You can't always get what you want

Tonight, we got to listen to J whine "I want a hotdog" for 45 minutes.

We had no hotdogs. We were having leftover chicken pasta for dinner tonight. But J apparently really wanted a hotdog, and nothing else would do.

J is so tough to feed that we grab anything that he'll eat. After he'd eaten a predetermined amount of chicken pasta, we agreed that we would get him a hotdog. We loaded him into the car and headed to Dairy Queen, whines of "I want a hotdog" emanating from the backseat.

As we approached the DQ, the whines changed.

J: Can I have a cookie?
H: You wanted a hotdog.
J: Can I have a cookie?
H: Don't you want a hotdog?
J: No. I want a cookie.
H: Do you still want a hotdog?
J: No. I want a cookie.
H: But you've been asking for a hotdog for 45 minutes!
J: I don't want a hotdog. Cookie!

So I give J the monster cookie he is looking for. We continue on to the DQ, since we're halfway there anyway. We get J a glass of milk, and we continue on our way. J eats his cookie and drinks his milk.

About a quarter of the cookie is now gone, when we hear whining from the backseat:

J: I want a hotdog.
H: No. We've left the DQ. You have a cookie. Eat that.
J: I don't want my cookie. Can I have a hotdog?
H: No.

J breaks down in tears.


We return home. We ready J for bed. J likes to have a glass of milk in the kitchen before bed. It's part of his nighttime routine. J asks for his glass of milk. We oblige. But J does not finish his milk.

J gets his stories and lullabies, and he goes to bed. Within minutes:

J: I didn't finish my milk.
H: No, you didn't. Go to sleep, J.
J: Can I have my milk now?
H: No, J. I've dumped it down the drain.

J breaks down in tears.


We are not finding this stage to be endearing at all.


Wyrd's Little sister said...

Aaaw. I can sympathise, both with you as well as with my own parents. I was one of them kids who wouldn't eat, really. I am told I sat at the dinner table for over four hours until I fell asleep....

Liz said...


It's funny because it's happening to you and not me.

hee hee hee hee