Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birds of a Feather

J loves birdies. Sometimes, he gets confused about what they are, but he loves them nonetheless.


J: (Pointing excitedly) That's a penguin!
H: (Looking where J is pointing) No, J. That's a magpie.
J: Ooooh ... magpie.
H: Yes. Magpie.
J: No magpie! PENGUIN!!
H: Okay, fine. It's a penguin.


H: J wanted to tell you that he gave rocks to the birdies on the piano.
T: Oh. ... Wait. What birdies on the piano?
H: Well, he thinks those wooden monkeys up there are birds.


H: Are you magical?
J: No!
H: Are you magnificent?
J: No!
H: Are you magnanimous?
J: No! I'm a magpie! ROAR!!!!

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Rigmor said...

Aww! He sounds hilarious. And so much fun!