Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Conversations of the Car et al

On "The Smart Car"

H: If I wanted a 3 cylinder diesel engine, I'd buy a garden tractor! But I hope they feel really good about owning a Smart car and being able to save on the high cost of gasoline. Just curious, though, why they also have three SUVs parked in a line beside it??


Well, the garage is being built. It was started yesterday. All four walls are already up. Materials are being delivered over time, and I guess the store felt it'd take longer to use up what we had; we're out of materials now, and have to take a break until we get the rest of the stuff. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Stupid people delivered the wrong colour of shingles! Oh well; it will be fixed soon enough.


J starts "daycare" on Tuesday. I am nervous, but I think he'll enjoy it.


And The Cryptic presents:

Pouring rain.
Head full.
Too much.
Remember when.
Please, not again.

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